We undertake research projects and contract assignments in the entire environmental field. At IVL environmental experts, engineers, social scientists, economists, and behavioral scientists work together. This enables us to work holistically and tailor each assignment to the customers needs.

The goal is to help clients develop resource- and cost-effective solutions that contribute towards a sustainable society. The broad scope of IVL's activities, combined with its multidisciplinary approach, enables IVL to offer its customers holistic solutions, as well as answers to highly specific problems.

Read about some of our assignments below and contact us for more information.

Air Pollution & Abatement Strategies
Karin Sjöberg
Tel: +46 10-788 67 95

Organisations, Products & Processes
Elin Eriksson
Tel: +46 10-788 68 14

Natural Resources
& Environmental Effects

Mona Olsson Öberg
Tel: +46 10-788 69 22

Climate & Sustainable Cities
Jenny Gode
Tel: +46 10-788 65 18

Business development
Anna Jarnehammar
Tel: +46 10-788 65 76

Buiness development
Östen Ekengren
Tel: +46 10-788 65 43