VOC Management China

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and ÅF are pleased to offer the following services in VOC management:

Education and training

Education and training within the field of VOC emissions, abatements strategies and technologies, as well as other important aspects. Can be case-specific customized, for instance for Chinese officials, industry operators, consultancies and others.

Industrial processes and inventories

VOC audits of industrial processes in order to strategically investigate emission sources. Identify internal measures to reduce the VOC emissions

Measurements of VOC emissions

Continuous measurements of VOC emissions at site. Determine the distribution of different solvents in the emission streams and specify the total emission of VOC from a plant.

VOC emission control strategies

Implement internal measures for the VOC generating sources within a plant to decrease the emissions. Design of air pollution control equipment for a plant’s specific VOC emission. Abatement strategies for odour caused by VOC emissions.

Audits of VOC emissions

Continuous monitoring of the emissions from the plant and evaluation of the efficiency of measures implemented to reduce the emissions.

Dispersion models and air quality monitoring

Using advanced air dispersion models based on complex emission patterns, physical structures and metrological data. Ability to build up emission databases and present high-resolution 2D or 3D air quality graphics in various environments.

Urban environment and human exposure

Planning of air quality issues in urban environment and dynamics of human exposure of VOC.                                                 

Cost-benefit analysis

Evaluation of cost effective solutions. Optimal consideration of internal measures and external technologies.                  

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  • 教育和培训
  • 工业流程和排放清单
  • VOC排放测量
  • VOC排放控制策略
  • VOC排放审计
  • 扩散模型和空气质量监测
  • 城市环境与人体暴露
  • 成本效益分析