PCR guide for construction products and works - Specifications to and evaluation of EN 15804


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Coworkers: Mathias Gustavsson, Lars-Gunnar Lindfors, Tomas Ekvall, Martin Erlandsson, Håkan Stripple, Kristian Jelse, Lars Zetterberg

Keywords: Biogenic carbon, carbon sink, life cycle assessment (LCA), EN15804, life cycle impact assessment (LCIA), life cycle inventory (LCI), product category rules (PCR), program operator, robust LCA

Year: 2013.0

Report number: B2101

Authors: Martin Erlandsson, Tomas Ekvall, Lars-Gunnar Lindfors, Kristian Jelse, Mathias Gustavsson, Per-Erik Karlsson, Håkan Stripple, Lars Zetterberg