Nordic guideline for cost-benefit analysis in waste management


In the preparation of this guideline we have drawn on several existing national and international guidelines. In particular the guidelines by the Danish National Environmental Research Institute, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Forest and Nature Protection Agency (M¢ller el al. 2000), the Norwegian Ministry of Finance (2005), the Danish Ministry of Finance (1999) and the HM Treasury (2003), as well as publications by the OECD (Pearce et al. 2006; Smith 2005). The Danish guideline, M¢ller el al. 2000, is currently under revision. Since a vast number of thorough guidelines on cost-benefit analyses exist, most of them explaining the theory in detail, this guideline aims at issues that are particularly relevant for cost-benefit analyses in the area of waste and resources. It has also been attempted to combine some key concepts from the life cycle assessment methodology with the cost-benefit methodology as there are a number of similarities between these two decision support tools. In this guideline we recommend to carry out a life cycle assessment or as a minimum an inventory of environmental effects, as the environmental assessment part of the cost-benefit analysis. This guideline has been prepared by Mette Skovgaard, the Danish Topic Centre on Waste and Resources, Karin Ibenholt, ECON AS and Tomas Ekvall, IVL/Svenska Miljöinstituttet. A draft version of the guideline has been peer reviewed by Markku Ollikainen, Helsinki University, and Mikael Skou Andersen, Danish National Environmental Research Institute, in August 2006. The authors would like to thank the experts who participated in the seminar in September 2006 for their comments and contributions.

Coworkers: Tomas Ekvall

Keywords: Nordic guideline, cost-benefit analysis, waste management

Year: 2008.0

Report number: A1554

Authors: Skovgaard M, Ibenholt K, Tomas Ekvall

Published in: Nordiska ministerrådet, Köpenhamn, TemaNord 2007:574.