Scenario types and scenario techniques: - Towards a user's guide to scenarios


Various scenario typologies have been suggested in attempts to make the field of futures studies easier to overview. Our typology is based on the scenario user's need to know what will happen, what can happen, and/or how a predefined target can be achieved. We discuss the applicability of various generating, integrating and consistency techniques for developing scenarios that provide the required knowledge. The paper is intended as a step towards a guide as to how scenarios can be developed and used.

Coworkers: Tomas Ekvall

Keywords: Scenario types, scenario techniques, user's guide

Year: 2006.0

Report number: A1563

Authors: Lena Börjeson, Mattias Höjer, Karl-Henrik Dreborg, Tomas Ekvall, Göran Finnveden

Published in: Futures 38(7):723-739 2006