Upphandla klimatsmart och cirkulärt i ett livcykelperspektiv

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The environmental challenges shall be used as an economic driver by making use of advanced environmental requirements in public procurement. Green Public Procurement (GPP) is a market-based and powerful tool in our work for a sustainable consumption and production.

An international response to a this challenge has realized the necessity to incorporate two new aspects to consider – the inclusion of a life cycle perspective and the concept of circular economy, which favors better incentives of waste minimization through reuse of materials and energy.

The Swedish Government has realized this new development and the need of a holistic approach by addressing these topics in a newly published “National Procurement Strategy”. It specifically emphasizes that the lack of a holistic approach could result in ineffective environmental measures, costs and other activities which might not be considered otherwise. It could also lead to sub-optimization of resources not knowing where the most important environmental impacts occur in a product´s life cycle. It is therefore of vital importance to fully consider a life cycle perspective in public procurement as well as the concept for circular economy in future procurement activities. In many cases, such activities need support from LCA-studies. Therefore, the report suggests the introduction of a new concept – effective requirements – based on both driving and LCA-based requirements.

For all actors providing procurement support in general, it is important to prepare for taking aboard these new challenges into their agendas. In many cases these new challenges might be difficult to incorporate into the daily agenda in the short term. It is therefore of vital concern to take full advantages of current LCA-studies and existing EPD´s on the market.

This report makes an attempt to cover information on progress with regard to GPP in general, legislation on the subject, governmental support as well as experiences from procurement authorities in their daily work. It also describes the principles for a life cycle perspective and circularity with regard to GPP and recent trends on the subject both on a national and international level.

This report also tries to identify potential research areas within the concept of Sustainable Procurement as well as giving a historic review of GPP in Sweden.

Coworkers: Sven-Olof Ryding

Keywords: upphandla, klimatsmart, cirkulärt, livscykelperspektiv

Year: 2018.0

Report number: B2331

Authors: Sven-Olof Ryding