Would you like to work with sustainable development?

Our activities span across the entire environment and sustainability field. Therefore, we need a broad range of skills and expertise. IVL was founded in 1966 and was the first institute in Sweden to conduct applied research and development within the environmental field.

Our role is, and has always been, to ensure that new research is put into practical use - in business and in society in general. IVL has as a company evolved during the years to meet the new needs of today. We therefore require a wide expertise. We have both engineers, scientists, behavioural scientists, social scientists, economists, psychologists and communication officers working for us.

We are about 250 employees, with a third being postgraduates. Half are women and half are men. We work in a creative and stimulating environment where everyone takes responsibility for their work.

IVL is growing and we are constantly looking for new employees. Are you perhaps one of them? Take a look at our vacancies here or follow us on LinkedIn

Thesis work at IVL

Calls for thesis work at IVL will be advertised on our recruitment site, but you can also contact the responsible Head of Unit for the area you would like to work with.